Policy Statement

To best serve the interests of support, security, and funding efficiencies, all university owned computing hardware must be inventoried and managed by the ITS Infrastructure Office (ITS-I). ITS-I will be solely responsible for assessing the needs for computing technology to be purchased by any university funding source and will determine the level of support and access available to each device. Individuals and departments are not to purchase any hardware with the use of university funds to be used on the university campus or network without consulting ITS-I.

Support Qualification

ITS-I and the Technology Service Center will provide priority support to technology that is funded and provisioned by ITS-I. Support may be available on a time available basis for peripheral or other approved Computer technology outside the scope of standard systems or technology provisioned by ITS-I. ITS-I may forbid the use of any technology device from the network at the discretion of the Director of ITS-I or the CIO.

Replacement Cycles

Laptops and desktops issued to Faculty and Staff are typically on a 3 year rotation. These systems are under functional warranties and ITS is committed to keeping these systems operating as efficiently as possible to maximize your experience. If you have any hardware or software issue with your university issued system, please report it immediately to support@cu-portland.edu to create a support ticket. Include as much information about the troubles you are having as you are able and someone will assist you as soon as practicable. Please do not “live” with system problems, report them promptly so we can find a resolution as quickly as possible. If you happen to have an issue you do not wish to have fixed, please report it anyway so that we are aware of the problem in case other users are experiencing the same issue or the problem is indicative of a systemic issue.

Laptop users, please note that your systems are also covered by a limited Accidental Damage protection plan. Please do not withhold accidental physical damage to the machine such as spills, or broken cases/keys or other parts due to accidents. These issue CAN and WILL be fixed without cost, you need simply report them to us in a timely manner after the accident occurs. Again, please don’t “live” with a cracked case or otherwise damaged laptop, report it and let us fix!

*Please note that some inventory is shifted or re-used during its life span. Your system may be due for replacement in less than 3 years from the date it was issued to you. For your specific system’s end of life date/expected replacement date, please contact ITS.

Please note that some labs and other utility systems are non-standard replacement cycles.


ITS-I attempts to maintain an inventory level consistent with expected replacement cycles for all existing employees. If you are expecting a new employee, you should advise ITS no less than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the new position to allow time to order and receive new equipment as needed. Greater lead time (ideally when the position is approved) is best.


University funding provided to ITS-I will cover the regular cyclical replacement for hardware provisioned by ITS-I to qualifying positions. Approved systems provisioned by ITS-I at the direction and funding of individuals, programs or departments will be decommissioned and removed at the end of their planned life cycle unless funding is provided by that individual, program or department to replace or upgrade the system.

Only the standard system configuration will be funded by the University provided ITS-I cyclic replacement hardware budget. This is often referred to as the X and X+Y funding model. Laptops or the standard components of desktop systems (Tower, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse) are provided as standard or “X” components. Additional components such as port replicators for laptops, upgraded mice, or other peripherals for desktop or laptops systems are considered an optional or “Y” component. Funding for “Y” components must come from departmental, program or individual budgets and will not be covered by ITS-I.

Determination of “X” funding for University ITS-I Hardware Budget

Systems covered under the “X” funding generally includes systems for Full Time employees or specific business critical multi-user workstations. Student Worker workstations, Adjunct Faculty workstations or other general purposes systems or technology are not funded under the University provided ITS-I hardware budget but may still be provisioned and supported by ITS if provided funding to do so by a specific department, program or individual budget.

“X” Systems within the ITS-I Hardware budget are determined by role and responsibility. Full Time staff positions are funded for desktop systems and Full Time Faculty and executives are funded for laptop systems. Technology for Part Time positions are not funded through ITS-I.

Effective 4/18/2000
Updated 2/1/2013 by B.Metzler