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Classroom AV Technology

Concordia University Classrooms offer a variety of options to enhance the experience of instructors and students. Click any of the following links to learn more about what technology is offered in which rooms, how to best take advantage of that technology, and what to expect in the future.

Classroom AV Installations

Please review the information below to learn about current and future AV installations.

Classroom Technology Chart - An easy to read matrix of the technology available in our classrooms.

SMART Technology - What is it, and why should you use it?

The SMART Notebook Software - Information on downloading and installing the SMART Notebook Software for use with the SMART Brand Interactive White Boards present in some of our Portland classrooms and Conference rooms.

Classroom Upgrade Schedule - track which of our classrooms rooms are getting new equipment, and when.

Classroom Technology Training

New to the University? Please review the information below to learn how to use technology in the classrooms like a pro!

Connecting to Projectors - what you need to know about connecting to projection systems on campus.

Classroom Tech Basics - Essential Classroom components: the podium, switching between tech mediums, etc.

Interactive Pen Displays - Specifics on using the podium mounted SMART Pen Displays

Using the Interactive Whiteboards - Become an Interactive Whiteboard expert

Using the Touch Panel - How to use the digital touch panels in upgraded spaces


Personal classroom training is offered by appointment only. To request a training session, please email
support@cu-portland.edu and specify which room/equipment you would specifically like training in. Thank you!