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Using Digital Touch Panels

Classrooms that have had major audio visual upgrades in the last two years have had the controls on the podiums switched from a analog physical button panel to a digital touch panel. While they function in the same way, the process for turning on the projection system and switching inputs is slightly different. This article will walk you through the use of the touch panels.

Appearance of touch panels might not be identical to the one you are using, but the programming and functionality should be the same.

Plugging into the System

All the classrooms with touch panels have HDMI and VGA inputs. If you are using the BluRay, Podium PC, or DocCam, you can skip this part. The location of the panels may differ from room to room but the layout of the panels remain relatively the same. The picture below demonstrates:

Turning the System On

Step 1: The touch panel will appear off with no content on it. Touch it will wake it up!
crestron off.jpg
press anywhere in the red box to wake up the panel

Step 2: Select the input you want to use. Depending on the space you are in you will have different options. Standard options are: Computer, BluRay, VGA and HDMI. Selecting the function you wont will cue the rest of the system to start up powering on the speakers and projector.

If you are using a podium computer or DocCam, they must be turned on manually by power buttons located on the device them-self. During standard schools hours these are likely to be on, but keep this in mind before calling for technical assistance!

Step 3: The projector will power on. This process will take 30 seconds to a minute depending on the space.

Step 4: You can mute and adjust the volume up and down at any point using the physical buttons located on the side.

Using the BluRay Player

Step 1: Select the Bluray button on the touch panel. This will cause the touch controls to appear on the panel.

Step 2: Should you need more options press the "menu" button and you will have access more features.

Step 3: To return to the previous menu to either switch inputs or turn off the system press the green button.
return menu.jpg

Turning the System Off

Step 1: Press the Shutdown button.

Step 2: The system will ask you to confirm. Select "Yes, Shutdown"

Step 3: The system will power off. If your room has a projector, it can take up to 5 minutes for it to cool down enough to turn back on again.

Getting Help or Training

If you would like to schedule a classroom av walk-through, please email support@cu-portland.edu and we can confirm a time to meet with you in your classroom.

Should you need immediate assistance during class, please call x6300 and we either help you remotely or respond with a tech as needed.