Cisco WebEx Video Conferencing

Cisco WebEx is a suite of products that can be used to accommodate small online meetings with screen sharing and video conferencing as well webinars and training. To learn more about WebEx. please visit their website. Concordia University currently uses, and support to some degree, Cisco WebEX Meetings. This allows users to schedule meetings using Outlook and/or URL's for video conferencing and screen sharing. Below are some resources for how to get set up and use.

Requesting Access

1. If you would like a free account that is not tied to Concordia you can sign up for one here. With a free account you are limited to 3 total participants (including yourself) in any video conference.

2. If you are in need of an account that accommodates more than 3 users at any time you need to request that one be set up and billed to your department by emailing These accounts are billed and exist for a minimum of 1 year. Requests must be made 30 days in advance. Any requests done with less than 30 days notice may not be processed in time.

How to Sign In

WebEx How To


Use the following steps to record and properly save any WebEx meetings you may need for future record. This is also useful for sharing with participants who either missed a section or entirety of the meeting.

You must be the meeting host to initiate a meeting recording.

1. Once you have started the meeting, from the meetings main page, click the record button.
webex recording 1.png
screenshot of meeting start button

2. The recording controls will pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen below the participant list. Here you can pause and stop the recording as needed.
webex recording 2.png
screenshot of recording controls

  • If you stop the recording at any time, it will resume; however, a separate recording file will be recreated. It is suggested you pause recordings instead.

3. Once you end the meeting, you will receive an email confirming that new content is available in your meeting space. All attends will receive this message as well and using this they can view the recording.
webex recording 4.png
screenshot of recording email

4. The meeting space link will take you back to the meeting space but display a link where you can view the recording.
webex recording 5.png
area where users can watch the recording


If you no longer have the email that contains the WebEx recording, you can access your recordings and save them. This is helpful for backing up content to Concordia's Network Drives as well as clearing up storage space on the WebEx Servers.

1. To access your recordings on the WebEx server, sign into your account.

2. Select File from the navigation bar.

3. Select the Meeting Recordings folder from your file library
webex recording 7.png
screenshot of WebEx File Library

4. Locate the meeting recording you would like to download, click the disclosure triangle on the right, then click Download.
webex recording 8.png
screenshot of download link

5. The file will begin downloading into your web browsers default download location. You can move this to whereever you like on your computer, but it is suggested you move this to a network drive.

Moving to a Network Drive

1. Locate your file. It will appear in a ".arf" format.
webex download 2.png
screenshot of webex recording file

2. Move this file to the desired location on your network drive and you are done!

Common Troubleshooting

  • When trying to join a virtual meeting, some users have reported the Chrome will block the java plugin that WebEx runs in. The suggested work around is trying a different web-browser.

WebEx Knowledge Base


WebEx Support can be reached via phone or ticket 24 hours a day 7 days a week a Concordia if you are using a Premium Account through Concordia
Phone: 1-866-569-3239