All full-time positions which require a phone will be provided with a Cisco 7945G VoIP Desk Phone as arranged by their supervisor.


For current pricing of a phone, please create a support ticket by emailing support@cu-portland.edu to request the information. Pricing may vary based on number of units needed.

Upgrade Pricing

If a department wishes to upgrade the device to a phone with additional buttons or capabilities, this can be done per the following:
  • 7945 to 7965: $75
  • 7965 to 7975: $90
  • Side Car button addition: $350 (only available on 7965 & 7975)

Prices are cumulative if upgrading from 7945 to 7975


All phones have the same context button capability. The only difference is the number of visible line buttons on the right side of the display, as follows:

7945: 2 Buttons
7965: 6 Buttons
7975: 8 Buttons

The 7975 is also a touch screen phone.


The Side Car unit adds 24 buttons (2 pages of 12 physical buttons), requires an external power supply (will not work during power outages) and can only be used on a 7965 and 7975. This unit is a special order item of which we do not normally keep inventory.


To request a phone please email support@cu-portland.edu.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/8/13