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Class Schedules

Besides being a repository for final grades, MyCU also houses all student registration information. Students can enroll and drop themselves from classes through MyCU (for details on this, contact your Academic Advisor, not the Technology Center), and can view the schedule for any classes they have been enrolled in, both for past semesters and forthcoming.

Checking Schedule

To learn about how to check your schedule in MyCU, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to MyCU with your ID and PIN. If you aren't sure about what these are, visit the MyProfile Account Center first and look them up.

2. From the Main Menu, choose Student and Financial Aid.

3. From the Student menu, choose Registration.

4. From the Registration menu, you have a couple of options for checking your schedule. To see a simple schedule in calendar view, choose Week at a Glance.

5. On the Week at a Glance page, enter the date for the week you wan to view. It will display your class schedule for that week. In each time slot you will see the class number, the CRN, the time the class meets for, and in what building and room.

6. The second option is to choose Student Detail Schedule.

7. Student Detail Schedule will show your schedule by class. You will be able to see the class title, number and CRN, the date you were registered, the assigned instructor, the grading mode (credit or no credit), how many credits the class is worth, and time, date, location and how long the class meets.

Problems Gaining Access to MyCU?

Contact the Technology Center via email at support@cu-portland.edu.