Cell Phone Provider Discounts

About the Policy

Each employee is required to establish their own personal usage plan. Additionally, the phone device will be acquired by the employee at the employee’s expense. This allows the employee to choose any plan or device they prefer.
The University does not purchase cell phones for individual employees, nor pay the service provider directly for service plans for cell phones.


For employees whose job duties require the frequent use of these devices or services, the University may provide a taxable stipend. The stipend is not intended to cover 100% of the cost of owning and using a mobile device, but as a subsidy for business use only. This must be approved by your supervisor and the form must be filled out and given to the Finance office. The form is located on the I Drive here: I:\campus\Banner Forms\Mobile Phone Policy

As a taxable stipend, the University will not reimburse employees for any additional taxes as a result of receiving this stipend.

By accepting the stipend, the employee agrees to abide by all federal and state regulations and laws as they may apply, including laws prohibiting texting and laws requiring hands-free phone use while driving. It is the responsibility of the employee to know and comply with all applicable regulations and laws.

Cell Phone Discounts

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