Concordia University provides high-speed internet and intranet access to all residents with campus network privileges in all university residence halls. This access is provided over the campus network. For reasons of network security and management, resident hall computer users may not connect to any third party Internet service provider while also connected to any university wired or wireless network. This policy is required in order to avoid security risks created by "back door" connections to the campus network and for the purpose of making optimal use of the campus networking infrastructure.

Third Party Internet service providers are any computer network provider that provide internet access via telecommunications equipment, including but not limited to telephone, cable, wireless connectivity, or electrical systems.

The ITS department conducts regular audits to identify violations of this policy. Violations of this policy may result in a warning and/or loss of campus network access, as well as other sanctions allowed by the university disciplinary policies. Intentional attempts to avoid auditing will be subject to the same consequences.

Effective 8/13/2002
Reviewed by B.Metzler 8/25/2011