About Blackboard

As an online learning management system, Blackboard offers many different features to facilitate online learning, including class management, integrated discussion boards, turning in assignments, completing quizzes and tests, viewing grades and assessments, course evaluations and more.

Creating a Blackboard Course

As a faculty member at Concordia University, the choice of whether to use Blackboard as a supplement to your classes is entirely up to you. The Blackboard Learning Team can help you set up a Blackboard section with whatever level of complexity you would like for your class. To get started, fill out the Course Creation Request Form.

Faculty that teach fully online courses will have their classes auto-created at the beginning of every term, but the content and editing functions explained below can be accessed and utilized exactly the same. Don't be afraid to experiment or add content that you think would be advantageous to your students. To learn more, scroll below or click a link from the Table of Contents to the right.

General Usage

Changing Browser Download Options
Changing Email in Blackboard
Logging into Blackboard
Paging Preferences
Messaging Students and Support in Blackboard
Adding Instructor Name to Class Header
Visual Editor

Turn It In (TII)

Turn It In Manual (.rtf for download)
Turn It In Assignment Creation tutorial
Turn It In Assignment Submission

Grade Center

Add a column to grade center
Remove a column from grade center
Create a letter grade column in grade center
Create a new assignment
Enroll a student in a Blackboard course
Grade an assignment received through the assignment dropbox
Grading a Turn It In Assignment
Grading discussions
Grading using the Interactive Rubric
Un-enroll a student in a Blackboard course

Files and Assignments

Adding yourself to a course
Building a Test
Editing Files from the Content Collection
Formatting Quiz Questions for Blackboard
Setting a file to open in a new window - PDF/Mac bug fix
Update Quiz Feedback
Upload or create a syllabus in Blackboard
Uploading files to Blackboard
Using Student View


There are various ways to get support for Blackboard depending on what your needs are. Review the article below to find out how to contact.
Online Education Support

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