Blackboard Discussion Boards

How to Post

Posting to the online discussion boards in Blackboard will likely be a required aspect of your online or blended course. To participate, first log into Blackboard, open your desired class and click on the Discussion Boards link in navigation box.

The discussion boards will be organized into different forums according to topic or subject. Click on the name of the forum that you want to reply to to view all its contents and to post your own replies.

In your chosen forum, click on Click here to post your reply to fully open a thread, then hit the Reply button to post your reply.


In the reply section, simply title your post by typing in the Subject box, and then formatting the rest of your reply in the available text space. It will look and act very similar to any other word processing program you have used. It is highly recommended that you write your reply in Word, Pages, or another text based program FIRST and then copy and paste your reply into Blackboard. This will prevent you losing your entire post if something glitches in the browser.

When you're ready to submit or save your post, simply click Submit or Save Draft.

Once you have submitted your reply, it will appear in the discussion thread. Your professor may choose to moderate posts before making them visible to the entire class; if so, the comment (Moderation Queue) will appear next to your post. Otherwise, it will be immediately visible.

Reviewed by Dylan Evanston 8/9/2013