Adding money to your print balance

About Print Balance

Besides the standard semester quota, students can also add additional personal credits to their print account, or add money on an as-needed basis to accommodate their printing. The semester balance for student accounts by Concordia will reset at the beginning of each semester (regardless of existing balance), but money added by individuals will either a) roll over between semesters or b) be refunded at the time of printing. This depends on which pay station is used to credit an account.

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Adding Money to your Print Balance

While all the paystations operate in the same manner, there are a few differences depending on your location. Read below for more information.

In George R White

The GRW pay station allows students and community members to add one-time-use balances to their accounts. Unlike the Hagen pay station, money added in GRW will not permanently roll over into a public or personal PaperCut account. If a student's semester balance is up, they may choose to add money as necessary for their printing on an as-needed basis. Unused money will be refunded (as change) at the end of every printing session.

Example: a student enters $3 into the pay station. A $3 credit will appear on the release station. They proceed to print $2 worth of pages, then log out of the station. $1 will automatically be refunded through the pay station; it will not roll over onto their personal balance. If the student in question does not log out, but allows their account to time-out on the release station, the $1 change will still automatically be discharged from the machine.

In Hagen Center

The pay station in Hagen Center will allow students to add a larger, sustained balance to their account. For instance, if a student leaves for Christmas break with $15 of their original printing balance and $10 of personal money, when they return in January, their balances will be $80 and $10.

On Boise Campus

The pay station is located in Room 138 next to the student copier and printer in the Library. It functions identical to the pay station in the Hagen Center where money added will go into a personal balance that will roll-over at the end of every term.

Adding Money

Here is what it will look like on the Hagen Center and Boise release station:
Money can be added to accounts on a print-by-print basis (with the remaining returned in the form of change), or it can be added to their personal account. If a user forgets to log off the release station, any remaining balance will be automatically added to their account. Otherwise, they will see the following dialog box when they log out.

Currently, the Concordia pay-stations (one by each release station) accept coins (nickels, dimes, and quarters) and dollars ($1, $5, $10 and $20 bills only).

The pay-station:

About Billing

Papercut does not change how much printing costs at Concordia; it is simply a new method of tracking our printing expenditures.

Concordia University currently charges students the following rates for printing:
  • Black & White:$0 .08 cents per page
  • Color: $0.15 cents per page

Note that even if you send a black and white document to a printer's color queue (HAG-Lab-C vs HAG-Lab-B, for instance) you will still be charged the cost of a color page.

Whenever you send a document to the printer, you will see a PaperCut window informing you of the details of the job, including the cost.

If you are running the PaperCut widget on your desktop, you will be able to see what your print balance is. The widget updates in real time. For example:

Your balance before printing:

And your balance after printing.

Clicking the Details link in the widget box will take you to your account summary page online. You can view your entire printing history there.

Balance Deduction

How your print balance is deducted from your account depends on your status at the University. Papercut allows users who belong to multiple printing groups to direct the cost of jobs to different accounts. The following is a breakdown of how different users are billed:
  • Students: prints will automatically be deducted from their quota balance, until it reaches a zero balance, at which point it deducts from a cash balance, if one exists.
    • Quota balance = your free $80 printing balance; reset at the beginning of each semester
    • Cash balance = money you have added to the system; rolls over between semesters
  • Student Workers: prints will automatically be deducted from their quota balance unless the student worker directs the system to bill their work account.
  • Staff and Faculty: prints will automatically deduct from their main department's account, unless the employee directs it to an alternative account.
  • Staff and Faculty taking classes: prints deduct from their departmental account by default; class materials should be directed to the student quota balance at the behest and self direction of the employee.

The default semester balance for students will always equal 1000 B/W pages. The monetary value of your print balance may change (from $100 to $80, for example) - this does not mean you are able to print less. It is simply a reflection of the actual cost per page. Click here for a full explanation of the student printing quota.

Printing charges for employees may appear as inconsistent as well; this is due to the fluctuating costs between printer models.

A note to department managers: it is the imperative of each department manager to monitor and manage the printing volume of his or her employees (including student workers). ITS will not be involved with the management of individual print accounts unless specifically requested.


Having problems adding money or have questions? Contact the Tech Center at

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