By default Workfront does not send all email notifications to people on a project to avoid an overload of email notifications. If you have an update or a question for someone within Workfront you will want to make sure you notify them much as you do with an '@' symbol like Facebook or Twitter to tag them.


  1. Click on the name of the task to update.
    • task name.png
  2. To tag someone for an email notification start typing their name after the '@' symbol
    • at symbol.png
  3. You can also do this without the '@' symbol by clicking here.
    • include others.png
  4. Type someone's name and click them.
    • adding others two.png
  5. You can add multiple people or teams.
    • add multiple.png
  6. Then click update and your update on the task will be emailed to the people you want to make sure are notified.
    • update button.png