Adding Content to Digital Signage Timeline

This article will go over how to add pictures (aka resources) to a digital signage timeline.

1. Ensure you have download the client software, Signage Studio. The installer is located below:

2. Sign in with the credentials provided to you by IT. To request a reset of those credentials, please contact

3. Select the campaign and timeline you would like to add content to.
2016-08-16 13_20_33-signage resource.png

4. Click the "plus" under the Resources Toolbox
2016-08-16 13_20_33-signage resource 2.png

5. Select From Local
2016-08-16 13_20_33-signage resource 3.png

6. Navigate to the file you would like to upload, select it, then click open.
2016-08-16 13_20_33-signage resource 4.png

7. Once the file has been uploaded, it should appear in the toolbox window. Simply drag and drop it onto an open spot on your timeline.
2016-08-16 13_20_33-signage resource 5.png
8. Once the file has been dropped, you can adjust the length of time it will appear on the slide show.

9. To finish the process, save and upload the changes by selecting File > Save/Upload
2016-08-16 13_20_33-signage resource 6.png

*if you get any "warnings" make sure you click on Ignore.

10. Once you have clicked Save, the process will upload and be completed.