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Account Basics

Concordia University offers an array of networks resources to students and employees. Access to most of our network resources are protected by issuing each individual a personal username and log in. Currently, ITS operates on a system that utilizes 2 sets: one for network access and another for confidential personal information. Please review the articles below to learn more.

Network Username

Your Network Username and Password grants you access to a majority of Concordia's networked systems. You will use this to access Blackboard and Email. If you have this information you will also be able to recover information related to all systems. To Learn about your network username, view the guided tutorial below.


MyCU is Concordia's interface to Banner. To log in, you use your ID number (G00xxxxxx) and a PIN. It is where all of your personal information is stored. View the slide show below to learn more!


MyProfile serves as your hub to access all your network account information. If you ever get lost, MyProfile is the place to go. To learn more, view the guided tutorial below.


Should you have questions about the follow or need assistance with gaining access to any of the above, please contact the Tech Center at support@cu-portland.edu.