What to do if you accidentally dial 911

When dialing an outside number on one of our Cisco phones, you will need to dial 9 then 1 before being directed outside the university phone system. We understand that on a system that requires you to dial ‘9 then 1’ before an outside number, it is increasingly more likely that you may accidentally dial ‘911’ in error.

If you do this, stay on the line and tell the operator you dialed 911 by mistake.

Do not hang up. If you hang up, the 911 operator will spend even more time on your accidental call because they will look up the reverse information from our system and call you back to ensure you are okay. If they are unable to reach you, they may dispatch emergency services.

All 911 calls are alerted and reported in our system to Public Safety officers and Network Administrators. You will often receive a follow-up by someone on-campus following a 911 call.

Oregon does not have a specific fine on the books for accidental 911 calls. However, if as a company we generate too many accidental 911 calls we may incur penalties or fines for other related FCC violations. Also, if emergency services are dispatched we may pay fines or service fees for the time that they spend responding to your accidental 911 call.

Please pay special attention when making long distance or international calls as these more commonly result in accidentally dialing 911.

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Updated by Steven Quirk 10/4/13