Accessing WebEx

You can access WebEx to schedule and create new meetings multiple ways.

Free Account

1. Sign into WebEx's free account site by clicking here.

2. enter your email address and password you create to sign in.

Enterprise Web Portal

You can access to Concordia's Enterprise for Cisco WebEx here:

1. First you will want to login in by clicking the "login" button in the upper right.
CU Enterprise WebEx Login.JPG

2. Enter your username and password provided to you

Outlook Integration

You can login to your WebEx account to schedule meetings using the Outlook plugin "WebEx Assistant"

1. Download and install the assistant from here by signing into your WebEx account via the Free Acount Portal or Enterprise portal.

2. Select Meeting Center, Event Center, or Training Center (depending on your account.

3. Under Support in the left panel, select Downloads

4. Under Productivity Tools, select Download.
CU Enterprise WebEx assistant tool.JPG