Access to Concordia's Network Drives are possible using an Apple computer. Accessing Network Drives on a Mac is not supported by the IT department, so not every feature may work the same as it does on a PC, but we will make our best effort to support you and get you up and running.
Please Note: Network Drives are not currently working on OS X Mavericks (10.9).
To learn how to set up our Network Drives on a Mac, follow the steps below:

Connecting to Network Drives

Using a Mac to connect to network drives is a little different than on a PC. You still need to use CU's VPN Client that is appropriate for your operating system only if you are connecting while off campus. Once you've downloaded and installed the correct VPN Client, then follow these steps:

1. If you are off campus, activate your VPN client and connect to the CU network.Otherwise, skip to step 2.

2. On your Mac, in "Finder" mode, navigate to the Go menu, then to Connect to Server.

3.The Connect to Server dialog box will open. At the top, in the "Server Address" input box, type in one of the following commands to reach the appropriate network drive:

I Drive smb://ntdom.cupdx/Storage1/mall
J Drive smb://ntdom.cupdx/Storage1/allusers
Staff/Faculty H Drive smb://ntdom.cupdx/FS-Storage1/usersc/[your network username]
Student H Drive smb://ntdom.cupdx/FS-Storage1/userss/[your network username]

Clicking the + next to the server address will save it for further use, like so:

4.Click the Connect button when your information is correctly entered in the Server Address box. The network drive will either appear as a thumb-drive on your desktop, or open in a dialog box.Screen_shot_2011-06-17_at_2.47.02_PM.png

5. You will be asked for a password. Use your network username and password in the format listed below. Make sure you put NTDOM\ before your username.
mac network drives 1.PNG

6. Once that is done you will be connected successfully.

Video Tutorial

Prefer a guided tutorial? View the video below:


If you are having issues connecting to your Network Drives either on campus or off, please contact the Tech Center at to schedule a remote session or for steps to troubleshoot. While accessing Network Drives on a Mac is not supported by Concordia ITS, the Tech Center will make a best effort attempt to resolve your issue.

Updated by Steven Quirk 9/30/13