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Acceptable Use Policy

Concordia University network, telephone, and computing resources are intended for non-commercial, educational use only. Incidental personal/recreational use is allowed only to the extent that it does not: violate any federal, state or local laws, violate other campus policies, negatively impact network resources or, in the case of employees, does not negatively impact the performance of their duties.

The acceptable use statement is intentionally generalized. It is unrealistic in the rapidly changing field of information technology to anticipate all potential uses and abuses of resources. Concordia University instead provides the appropriate use statement as a guideline to responsible network usage. On occasion it will be necessary for ITS to publish specific policies to address problem areas or preemptively avoid network abuse. It may be necessary for some specific policies published by ITS to be contradictory to the appropriate use statement where network facilities or security issues are involved. ITS will exercise due diligence to publish and announce all network policy changes and updates in a timely fashion. All users are responsible for being familiar with Concordia University technology policies and applicable federal, state and local laws concerning technology use. Users should check the Concordia University ITS home page regularly and watch the Concordia University Intranet home page and provided student and faculty/staff mail systems for announcements of updates and changes.


In the event a user violates a specific network policy or uses the network contradictory to the intent of the appropriate use policy, disciplinary action may be necessary. All disciplinary action will be performed in accordance with the standards set forth in the handbook applicable to the offender (student, faculty or staff). ITS does reserve the right to cancel, revoke or disable network accounts or access to network resources without prior notification when there is suspicion of a violation of network policy or the law, pending formal disciplinary procedure.

Questions or Problems?

Contact the ITS Department via email at support@cu-portland.edu.