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About Academic Transcripts

All students can use MyCU to access their academic transcripts and keep track of their student records. Transcripts are generally required as proof of your undergraduate education when applying for advanced degrees or other related endeavors. While you are in school they can be used in scholarship applications, or to keep track of your degree progress and GPA.

At Concordia, you can view your Unofficial transcript through MyCU, and/or order Official copies through the Registrar's Office. This article will explain how to accomplish either. To get your official transcript, you must request one by following the steps in the Ordering Official Transcripts Article.

Finding Your Unofficial Transcript
1. Log into MyCU. From the Main Menu, choose Student and Financial Aid, then Student Records, and finally, Academic Transcript.

transcript1.PNG transcript2.PNGtranscript3.PNG

2. From here you will have the option to choose what transcript level you wish to view. If you have pursued undergraduate AND graduate degrees through Concordia, they will appear under Transcript Level. Otherwise it will just display your most current degree.

There is only one Transcript Type: Not Official. Click Submit.

3. The next page will display your unofficial transcript. This will be displayed as a webpage, and not in any special format. If you need a copy of your unofficial transcript, simply use your browser's print function to print the page; it will still have all the necessary information, and will look something like this:

Ordering your Official Transcript

Students are able to request official transcripts from Concordia using our online service through Parchment. Navigate to http://www.cu-portland.edu/registrar/transcripts/ to find more information, as well as a link to the Parchment service.

You will login to this site using your MyCU ID and PIN. For step by step instructions on this service, please see our article on Ordering Transcripts.


For additional information, please contact the Registrar's Office.
Phone: (503) 280-8510
Email: registrar@cu-portland.edu