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My.CU, Faculty, Staff and Students interact with Banner using two primary interfaces: INB and MyCU. In this article, we will learn what each of the primary interfaces is used for and what they can and cannot access.


MyCU is the self-service portal that all Faculty, Staff, and Students utilize to access personal information regarding their interaction with the University. Staff members can utilize this portal to see pay and tax information. Faculty members can see this information, as well as information regarding classes that they are currently teaching. Students can use this portal to register for classes, see billing information, and find out where their classes are being held. MyCU is accessed using your University ID number (G Number) and a PIN number. More information on accessing MyCU can be found here.

MyCU allows Students to:
  • Register online
  • Look up grades
  • Obtain unofficial transcript
  • Review account balances

MyCU allows Staff members to:
  • View payroll statements and Pay stubs
  • Fill out their time sheets
  • View W2 statements
  • See payroll deductions
  • Approve student worker time sheets, if student workers report to them

MyCU allows Faculty members to:
  • View class rosters
  • Email their entire class
  • Enter the final grades for their classes


INB (Internet Native Banner) is the interface Staff members use to access various Banner modules. Banner modules allow for the access and manipulation of certain types of data depending on the module accessed. This includes the financial data of the University, personnel records, and private student data. Access to modules is determined by your job description, and not necessarily by your position (i.e. - just because you have access to Banner, or to certain modules in Banner, does not mean that your superiors or your co-workers do.) Access to the various modules in Banner is compartmentalized in order to protect access to, and the integrity of, sensitive data. Banner credentials are not your network credentials, although the username is the same. The password is different, and expires every 90 days.

CU's Banner Systems

  • General - This system contains biographic information such as names, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Finance - This system contains the University General Ledger and the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable accounting systems.
  • HR/Payroll - This is a system that allows the assignment of employment positions, the processing of payroll items, and the production of annual tax statements.
  • Alumni/Advancement - A system for the administration of Alumni and other donor bases, this allows for developing and maintaining mailing lists.
  • Financial Aid - This system tracks student financial aid eligibility.
  • Student - The Student system allows the University to track applicants, enrolled students and their academic history, and recruits or prospects.

Banner Nomenclature

Banner assets are known by individual acronyms, such as SPAIDEN, STVTERM, and GOATPAC. These acronyms spell out what the function of the asset is, based on this system:
  • Position 1: This letter tells you what system is being used. For example, the 'S' in SPAIDEN stands for the 'Student' system.
  • Position 2: This is the Banner module being accessed. The 'P' in 'SPAIDEN' is accessing the 'Person' module.
  • Position 3: This is the type of asset being accessed by the user. The 'A' in 'SPAIDEN' stands for an application form.
  • Positions 4 - 7: These act as a unique identifier or name for the asset. 'IDEN' in 'SPAIDEN' is the name of the application form being accessed.

There are many different Banner assets, and all of them use this nomenclature. Most Banner users will only use a few of these, however.

Navigation in Banner

Banner has many different ways to access assets. They are:
  • Menus
  • Directly accessing the asset
  • My Menu - a personalized menu option
  • Quick flows - a system that automates the accessing of an asset by generating a macro-like recording and then playing the recording when you would like to reach the asset.

Getting Help

If you have Banner connection issues, or having trouble logging into My.CU, contact the Technology Center via email at

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/2/13