Per the January 2014 proposal from faculty and approval by the VPEI/CIO (Joe Mannion), three 3D printers have been approved for the Concordia University Portland campus for use in academic innovation, research and pilot programs related to STEM expertise.

The capital cost of these units was funded by ITS. The mechanical maintenance and repair of these units will be funded by ITS until otherwise determined by the VPEI/CIO.

Training and support for the use of these devices and the supporting software will be provided by the sponsoring departments under the leadership of the Director of Academic Technology (Shawn Daley). The Concordia ITS Tech Center does not provide user support for these devices.

The consumables for these devices will be provided by the users or sponsoring academic departments. No accounting or consumables will be provided by ITS.

Users are expected to use their own workstations to drive these devices. No dedicated workstations will be provided for driving the approved 3D printers.

Appendix 1: Approved Devices

  • MakerBot Replicator 2X (College of Theology, Arts and Sciences – Sponsor: Mihail Iordanov)
  • FlashForge 3D (College of Health and Human Services – Sponsor: Rebecca Boehne)
  • FlashForge 3D (College of Education – Sponsor: Shawn Daley)

Approved by J. Mannion 1/14/2014
Reviewed by B. Metzler 3/18/2014